CEO Message

Welcome to Madlogix’s brand new website where we detail our products ranking from the high-tech to the simple domestic, from the environmentally conscious traveler to the tiny tot setting out in today’s fashionista world. A world where functional style is not an extra but a necessity. Here at Madlogix, we value quality, we value innovation, we value taste.


Vision, Mission, Values

Vision: We don’t believe in marketing cheap goods. In the long run we think it’s more advantageous to sell good quality products. When we market quality products everyone benefits whereas cheap products only benefit the seller and it’s the customer who eventually pays the price for shoddy manufacture.
At Madlogix we only provide good quality products because we like to see satisfied smiles on our customers’ faces. In this way we make friends for life and become a big extended family.

Mission: Our aim is to select the best from the best. To offer products not only reliable and proven over time but also innovative and forward–looking. At the same time, we offer you a design choice within our range of products, whether it’s size, color or shape.

Values: In today’s mass-produced and throw-away world, we at Madlogix feel it’s important to have quality ecological products, whether it’s green-friendly solar-powered chargers or unblemished olive oil from sun-kissed rural Spain produced from olives harvested in the traditional way. At Madlogix we are constantly seeking products which not only rank among the best in their field but which are forward-looking and environmentally conscious. Products made today for tomorrow’s exacting world.